Wireless temperature sensor help?


I recently purchased a tado starter kit mistakingly thinking the wireless temperature sensor was a thermostat… but yeah.

Basically I’m wondering if you have the wireless temperature sensor and the wireless bridge which is connected to the boiler, does this override the already existing default wired thermostat?

So for example the room the sensor is in if I have that set to 17, and to be turned off when no ones in the house… will that override the program that’s on the wired thermostat?

As i can turn the heating on when I want it but i took disconnected the default thermostat thinking otherwise and then when I asked for the heating to turn off it wouldn’t turn off… which I assume is because I turned the default thermostat off, as it did turn off when I originally connected the whole system up.

Just so I know if I need to get the wired thermostat to replace the already existing one, and if I do is it easy to connect 😛

Sorry for the super long one and thank you in advance!


  • Hi yea you do need the thermostat it acts with the gateway as the controller and interface.
    The wireless temp sensor is usually if I am correct in understanding what you purchased used for a water storage system.

    In it's simplest terms if no water storage you replace your existing thermostat with the new thermostat and gateway.
    Certainly if a combo with no water storage this is the process.

    Yeah it is relatively easy to awtup, ideally you use a mobile phone or compatible tablet and it leads you through the process although there are times it may not fit your requirements and you will.need to read the easy to follow pro installer guide available online or in the box.

    As an example I have a brilliant 800 series and I needs to setup bus following page 19 onwards.
    I had no requirement for the wireless version as I only have one zone and the addition did not aid me.
    I used the basic startup pack thermostat and gateway.
    If you have a gateway in the other pack just add the thermostat. Wired or otherwise and sell the excess on an e-commerce aite.

    Not knowing what boiler you have I can add no more but if you have basic common sense and isolate electrical supplies you should be able to set this up.

    Personally I am very pleased with the setup and have now added the radiator valves ready for winter.

    Good luck.