Bug report: "Heating Activity" incorrectly includes activity from independent heating zones

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I have a single boiler and thermostat, and a variety of SRTs/TRVs. All but one of the SRTs/TRVs are in the thermostat's heating zone and the "Heating Activity" looks correct in these cases.

However, the one other SRT is deliberately not assigned to a zone controller (and is instead set to "Independent") because I'm using the SRT to stop that room from going above the set temperature when the heating is on, rather than heating it to that temperature proactively.

This setup actually works fine overall.

The problem is that, if the temperature in that room drops, the "Heating Activity" shows hours of heating time even though that independent room can't — and didn't — power on the boiler at all during that time.

Any chance the "Heating Activity" section can be fixed for this use case?


  • Hi @neilalexander

    I brought this to tado's attention when I responded to another tado user's similar observation.........I was basically told to "wind my neck in".....because I pointed out that this obviously skewed any "energy savings" provided by tado, and were inaccurate and based on some "fictional" algorithm used within the tado "Auto Assist" feature.