Replace existing system with Tado - is it possible?

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I currently have an RF Heating system from Ember which has:

2 RF Thermostats
1 RF 2 Zone Programmer
1 Gateway (which allows for app control).

The system is a combi boiler which has a the 2 Zone Programmer connected to a wiring centre which is also connected to the Motorised valves (1 per zone) and to the combi boiler.

So the programmer sets the schedule and also has a boost option.

The stats have a boost button and allow me to set the zone temp.

The gateway is basically to interpret commands from the app and send them to the programmer.

Programmer sends signals to wiring centre which sends these further on to the valves and boiler.

Anyway of replacing this with Tado without having to run a load of wires from where the thermostats would be to where the motorised valves are?

What I would want are two wireless thermostats and an ability to set up one or more receiver to receive commands from these for heat and to turn the valves and boiler "on".


  • I'd be happy to go with one wired thermostat wired to Zone Valve 1 and one wireless thermostat with the receiver where the receiver is wired to Zone Valve 2 and then not use the hot water functionality of the receiver.

    Or can I use the hot water functionality of the receiver as my other CH and have two wireless stats?
  • So to close it out for anyone else reading and in the same situation:

    Tado currently don't have an easy option to this problem. Solutions are (from reading older threads):

    1 Wired directly to Zone valve
    1 Wireless with receiver

    Messy with the wiring option depending on boiler placement.

    2 wireless receivers on separate accounts
    (which means right now they limit something via software if two can work in the same building on separate accounts).