Using Tado radiator valves with Hive smart thermostat

I have Hive system consisting of smart thermostat, boiler controller and internet hub which works very well. I recently bought newly introduced Hive smart trvs for all bar one of my radiators to give complete control of room temperatures. I have had big problems getting them to work properly and Hive seem to be using customers as problem solvers and not getting very far. I plan to send all trvs back for refund but keep the smart thermostat system.

Could I use Tado smart radiator valves along with a Tado dongle to allow use of Tado app and set up this system with heating schedules for individual heating zones whilst using the Hive as the master boiler on/off control and wall thermostat?


  • Germán
    Germán | Admin

    Hello monster1951,

    You can use the Smart Radiator Thermostats in your radiators, but please bear in mind they won't be communicating with this Hive main controller. If it has the heating on, then the Smart Radiator Thermostat's zones will be able to receive heating, but otherwise they won't be able to communicate with this main control and request from it that it turns on the heating.

    To achieve that level of control, you would need to also replace the thermostat with our Smart Thermostat.