Out of reach of the internet bridge

I have a problem with two houses, where house no. 1 has the fibernet entrance (1000mb/1000mb) which is cabled to house no. 2 where the wifi is controlled by 3 mesh routers (all cabled), TP-link Deco x60.

House no. 1 is fully controlled via the TADO internet bridge and fully working, while house nr. 2 Thermostats sends "no remote access". Thermostats have been swapped for control and they are all working ok. That seems that the Thermostats are out of range. I thought that if the WIFI coverage was good but was learned by Support that "The tado° devices communicate via radio at 868 MHz using the IPv6 enabled “6LoWPAN” protocol. Hence, the connection with the Internet Bridge depends on the strength of the radio link, not the internet itself."

I have corresponded quite a bit the last 2 days with Support, although they are nice people, the last message was that I could send the Thermostats from house no. 2 back.

There must be a way one or the other to get it to work. Any suggestions?


  • johnbur
    johnbur ✭✭✭
    Sounds like you need another Internet bridge for the second house set up in a separate Tado account?
  • I suggested to set up another internet bridge in no 2 house with another internet email address (and another TADO account), but support told med that I couldn't do that, because it was hanging on the same fiberaddress. It would be the easy way, if I just have to install another internet bridge in house no.2