About battery lifetime

We have a holiday home in Equevillon, Jura, France. We liked the Tado system because it enabled us to control the temperature in the house when it is un-occupied & especially maintaining it above 0C to avoid water pipe freezing during the winter when it can be minus 10C outside. We purchased 16 pcs TRV radiator controllers & 4 pcs thermostats together with the internet bridge early in 2018 & the installation went "live" in March 2018 (Tado-UK ref S0039871, 28/02/2018). Since then we have never had a long battery life with either the TRV or thermostats batteries as compared with another manufacturers system (of an earlier vintage without internet control, which is installed in my house in the UK). Typically the batteries in either the TRV or 'stat units last <4 months & often about 2 months. This has been particularly difficult during the pandemic lock-down, when we have been unable to visit (from the UK). Tado claim (& have claimed since mid 2019!!) that this is a software problem which they know about, but that claim is now 2 years old & still nothing has improved. IT IS JUST NOT SATISFACTORY. We are thinking of claiming back our original investment as the product does not live up to expectations.


It is about time TADO did something about the poor battery life compared with earlier systems.


  • Sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction. I can imagine how frustrating this has been. It will be interesting to hear what others say but my experience is that I've had much longer battery life than you have quoted. My TRV system went live 12 months ago (October 2020) and in that time only one TRV has flagged a low battery warning. I'm in the process of moving to rechargeable batteries as they are now supported by the V2 TRVs and it will be interesting to see how long they last. As for some constructive ideas can I suggest that you:

    (a) check that all your devices are running the latest firmware (you can check in room settings)

    (b) consider trying another battery type. e.g. high-quality premium alkaline like Duracell, or lithium Ultimate Energizer (expensive but have very long life in other devices) or a premium rechargeable battery . I'm about to experiment with the IKEA Lada 2450mAh rechargeable batteries which seem to fit ok in the TRVs and should I hope last well given their large capacity (but only the Eneloop 1900 mAh are formally supported by Tado).

    (c) perhaps experiment with the location of the internet bridge especially if this a large property with thick walls. I'm wondering if the need for stronger transmission signal depletes the batteries more quickly, but that is pure speculation.

    Hopefully, others will also provide some useful feedback and ideas. I hope your problems are resolved soon.

  • Hi @on6702
    Can you confirm that the " IKEA Lada 2450mAh rechargeable batteries" definitely fit in the Tado SRT's....have you actually fitted some ?? 🤔
    My system is also just over 22 mths old and just like you, I have only had to replace one set of batteries.
  • Hi @GrayDav4276

    Yes, I have. I can confirm that they fit, but it's a snug fit and the tolerances are very tight and I could certainly foresee a situation where any small plastic burrs on the casing or imperfections or swelling of the batteries would cause a problem. I wouldn't recommend buying a large number until you have performed your own tests. I don't yet have any data on how well they perform but I think it should be rather good based on their characteristics.

  • Hey @on6702
    Thank you very much for your reply, much appreciated cheers 🥂
  • I got around 9 months from the provided Duracell batteries. Battery life will depend on how many changes you make to the temperature / position of TRV pin as i would think it’ll be the servos that use the majority of the battery capacity.
  • I have 6 TRVs and one of them started to last for only 2-3 weeks in September. Tado support is no help at all. Heating is not used at the moment, connection is fine, so there's no reason for battery life like this. I'm using Energizer batteries or other expensive batteries without any help. Today Tado asked me to send in a video to proof I have tried different types of batteries. 🤷 They're just trying to sit this out.

    Last year one TRV ran out of battery without any notification and it fully opened at this moment. Luckily we were at home and noticed it very quickly. Being away would have been an expensive surprise.

    I'll throw out Tado in spring and until then I'll replace the batteries before going on holiday or beeing away for more then a few days.