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Geofencing on New Android Smartphone doesnt work

My wife recently changed to an Honor Play Android (9) smartphone. The geofencing of the tado app does not work. I have checked all the relevant settings (I believe), without any luck. Google Maps shows her location as correct, but Tado does not work correctly. Any tips?


  • HI @J0hnny10

    The usual culprit is either the battery-savings setting, or the battery-optimisation setting. They both need to be set to allow the tado° app to function properly.

    You can contact support for more help as they will be able to remotely diagnose what the cause is in most cases, or pass it on to a developer to be investigated in the event that there is an underlying issue (so we appreciate you letting us know either way).

    Best regards,


  • Thanks Frank,

    I believe I have setup the battery optimization settings, I will contact support to see if they can help.


  • Hi Frank,

    same problem here. Both my wife and myself have new phones, they are of different brands but both are running android 9. The TADO app version is 5.8.8 and Geofencing doesn't work.

    I have dug into the battery optimization settings for TADO as you suggested and disabled the battery optimization for the app. We'll see whether this solves the issue....


  • I had a similar problem with a Samsung S6 and solved by changing the following settings

    Settings/Dev options/ Inactive apps

    Settings/apps/special access/Optimise battery usage
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