Is a smart thermostat required if you have have Smart Radiator Thermostats and an extension kit?

I am replacing my Honeywell Evohome installation with Tado.

With Evohome I have 2 wireless relay boxes, each of which provide a demand signal to the boiler for either hot water or central heating. I have a Y Plan setup. I have identified my required wiring configuration based on the 2 wireless relay boxes being replaced with the Tado Extension Kit box, which in effect contains the two relays.

I have notified technical support of my configuration and asked the question with regard to requiring the use of the smart thermostat. In addition I was also wondering if there was a way of measuring my hot water temperature, as this was a feature that Evohome had.

I must admit I'm a bit disapointed with the support i'm getting from Tado. They replied back to me asking to provide details regarding the current control system deployed and make of boiler, but not answering my quiries. A bit of a generic response I guess. I then provided the details, which I'm sure I had already provided, with a response that my system is not compatible and I can return the product within the next 30 days.

I had previously sent them an email informing them of my current installation, before purchasing, to which they had responded saying that my heating system was compatible. I know it is compatible as I have traced the wiring and everything should work.

To add further to the frustration, I have added and paired the extension box to my setup along with a single Smart Radiator Thermostat, for the moment, and I can't get any further with the installation. I get the following message:-


Unfortunately, we do not have all necessary information about your heating system to provide you with specific installation instructions. An email with some follow up questions has been sent to you. Please answer this email and we will get back to you with specific installation instructions as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for your patience!


I have not received this email yet and I'm fearing I going to be asked once again what my current setup is! Maybe I can't proceed any further because I have not paired the Smart Thermostat.

Also I can't remove the Extension Box to start again, as it won't let me remove the device!

Can anyone please help and advise?


  • Joey
    Joey | Moderator

    Hello HAL2000,

    As I was researching your case I learned that (in your case) a correct configuration was found and it is working now

    Kind regards,


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