Installing Wireless Reciever in Beretta Ciao Green

I'm trying to install the wireless receiver in my Beretta Ciao Green boiler and have a few questions. The initial set-up of the boiler has a conventional rotary thermostat installed.

  1. In the installation instructions in the Tado app mentions connectors CN6 to wire the wireless receiver. However it does not come with the connector. (see picture). Is that special connector or it can be bought? (it looks - if i look at the rest of the connectors that it slides in). In case i ca0nt find this connector, can I solder the wires provided directly in the PBC?
  2. The connector has 4 pins, but only two have to be connected. Which ones are they? the two on the left in or the two on the right? (attached snapshot of the instructions manual
  3. As mentioned there is now a rotary thermostat directly connected to CN5 (next to CN6 also in the picture and the instruction manual). I assume this cable has to be detached and both pins bridged? Can you confirm how the configuration should be?

I attach Photos and screen shots of the user manual.