Will this work: temperature sensor in combination with a thermostic radiator value...

I have my house all set up with tado radiator controls, except in the bathroom, where we have a fixed thermostatic control included in the radiator. Thus I can not replace it.

Can I instead use the temperature sensor to sometimes only heat this room? I would then set the built in radiator control to slightly above above what I ask Tado to heat it too. This I do so that I am not also heating the room to some silly high temperature when the central heating is heating some other part of the house.

Its a fine balance I think (if the radiator shuts itself off before Tado thinks its warm enough, then I might have problems with the central heating having no where to send its hot water if no other part of the house needs heat...



  • Ideally you need at least one radiator that doesn't have any TRV's or other controls so when the TRV's close you have somewhere for the water to flow. If you are intent that you don't want this you would need to check if you have or have fitted an automatic bypass valve so the central heating water can circulate.

    Do you have any small radiators or rooms where the temperature doesn't matter? Most people use bathrooms simply because it's probably better for those rooms to be hotter rather than cold and leave them radiators open. This is what I do too, these rooms don't tend to get super warm as if the house has appropriately sized radiators then each room will heat up at a similar rate.

  • @gary333 Thanks for this reply. I really do not want to heat a room that does not need it, as all my radiators are quite large. I will check if my heater already has a bypass valve built in, If probably will install one someday before continue with this idea. My problem is that the bathroom will actually get too cold with my set up, because I will be heating my living room at times with another heat source, and thus the central heater may not go on for most of the day...

    That aside, can I assume that te thermometer sensor can control the central heater (turn it on and off) without being linked to any TRVs?