Tado and hybrid heat pumps

Does anyone have any experience with Tado and hybrid heat pumps? I have a Tado system including radiator TRV and thinking about a hydrid heat pump as part of a large extension project. My concern is that it’s introducing a new variable that Tado might not optimally work with.

The idea with a hybrid system is that when heat demand is low the greener and cheaper heat pump is used but in very cold weather the boiler can top up to raise the heating circuit temperature. How will Tado cope with variable heating circuit temperatures? Could you have it so that the boiler only comes on when the radiator is calling for ‘3 bars’ of heat. Are there some hybrid heat pump systems that work better than others with Tado?

i also note that when talking about compatibility the Tado website says that heat pump compatibility is for heating only. Not a big deal but I just wondered why not hot water too? Is it because the intelligence to provide hot water better sits with the heat pump controller?


  • I am looking for the similar requirements. Want to use heat pumps during summer and switch over to Boiler during winter times. Will be helpful if Tado itself comes up with similar solution.