Erroneous hour metering after paying for Auto Assist!

Dear TADO - if anyone is listening.

Here in Greece we mostly have petrol boilers in central heating.

And get charged by the hours I burn the heat per month.

I subscribed to Auto Assist, only to have a reliable meter how many hours the heat was on - and reconcile to what I get charged. OK, also for open window detection - which BTW I regard as hostile on your behalf not to offer in basic free functions.

Well, today the heat was on for only 40-50', but the Care & Protect\Heating Activity writes 4:35 hours!! What kind of metering is that!? I have just one room / thermostat, so measuring should be simple!

The issue is in the room\daily chart, there is a lot of faint grey, which is actually something the thermostat does, believing maybe I have gas heater with variable (digital?) consumption? Well, I don't. It's either on or off! Can I declare that in all sincerity somewhere in this software!? So, it counts only the hours the heater is truly ON!?



  • Just have a look at all those light grey zones (with just one out of three lines heating) that count towards hours metered, but most of the times to no effect since heater was not truly on. Look at 20:00, where only in the end it lit up a bit! That's why I got 4:30 hrs metering for nothing.

    And I am kind of worried, if such handling contributes to being overcharged to no result.