No remote access but all devices shown as connected

Setup my Tado system yesterday (wireless receiver still to be installed) and all paired.

However, the room wireless thermostat is shown as 'no remote access' on the app homepage.

When I go into settings and the thermostat device, it is shown as connected and good battery.

Internet bridge is shown as connected and all lights are steady white. IP address is unique and set as static.

Any ideas on how to resolve the no remote access issue?

Using iOS 15.2 and BT Hub.



  • cbd20
    cbd20 | Moderator
    Hi @SiW80 the reason for this is because you have not yet installed the wireless receiver.

    The wireless thermostat will ultimately request the wireless receiver to fire the boiler. As the wireless receiver is not yet installed that room is unable to call for heat, and therefore it shows the (slightly misleading) "No Remote Access" message.

    Installing the wireless receiver will complete the system and it'll all then work.
  • Many thanks!

    Didn’t want to fit the receiver and it still not work - would get lots of complainers.

    Do you know if I can use a second internet bridge if the range is too far? I have to go from the ground floor to the loft for the boiler and from the front of the house to the back of the extension.