death Tado Smart AC controller

Since it upgrades itself to firmware 94. It is totally death :(

I could not teach the unit to turn on/off from my own remote, it was just fine with 54.

Have tried reset 5 times

I need some help, Tado people isn't helpful with copy/paste answer :(


  • I am not sure what Tado support suggested. But maybe this helps:

    • Be sure you reset the Tado smart AC in the proper way. You need to see a screwdriver and a wrench on the smart ac, or something to that effect to properly reset the device.
    • Connect your phone via 2.4 GHz wifi (not 5 GHz) during install of the Smart AC. This is easy when you have seperated SSIDs for these two wifi bands. Otherwise you need to temporarily block 5 ghz on your wifi router during install. You need to have some knowledge of wifi routers to do this…
    • Possibly Tado unintendedly removed your AC model from the firmware, seems unlikely though.

  • Thanks Michael,

    * yup I saw that screwdriver and wrench by holding both up and down arrow, see then bin icon

    * I blocked the 5g since day zero I moved up this house

    * it’s just happened when th unit updated itself to firmware 94

  • nchbrian
    edited January 2022

    I also followed the article to connect via computer.

    I was able to connect then stuck at the learning phase, where tado said no IR signal detected. It’s so not true as my ac keep responding to the IR signal

    reset again, Tado now said I need to add it via their app first. This time Tado app said it already registered with another home. Then Tado deregistered it but still no thing improved

  • Then, if the Smart AC is not physically broken, I would say the Smart AC does not recognize your make and model of the airco remote. Which seems strange if it worked earlier. Or maybe something is still messed up in your Tado cloud account, why would Tado need to deregister if you did not move to a new home?

  • Good question, the app keep saying that my unit is already registered with another home.

    yeah, I was using it with the same AC for 13 months, just when it out of warranty then it upgraded to firmware 94