Tado down no bridge connection

My tado bridge connection has been down from 19/09/22 9:30pm I've connected support team today with no feed back as of yet. I've had tado over a year with zero problems but since latest update something has gone wrong. All my devices for the app have been updated but no connection from app and bridge has been flashing like a disco with no cloud connectivity. Has anyone else had issues I've supplied team with photos but not feed back I've tried all problem solving but no luck


  • I've waited all day and been blanked by tado support team my tado still not working no cloud connection its still trying to connect to network, reseting and disconnecting power still does nothing. Can any one tell me if tado support are reliable team

  • Tado isn’t down, sounds like it could be an issue with your router?
  • @Pipjr
    Has this been sorted yet......if so, what was the issue ?? 🤔
  • I feel they where holding me to ransome I was told I had an old bridge on the system v2, but I was using my v3 iv signed up using my v3 for the past year with my old v2 on my ID the v2 was never used and always had a red x so I was given the run around for the past 2 half days till they closed down the v2 I told them to check there system it would clearly show I've never used my v2 I received it as a gift the same time I received a v3 bridge but I installed the v3 first and payed a yearly fee. I've never had 1 issue with my tado devices until 19/09/22 then all this crap. Service team where awful