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Manual Control via App

Why cannot I interactively select which of the 3 available setting option for manual control at the time of setting temperature?

Seems crazy that if i want to boost my heating for an hour I fist need to go into settings, manual controls and then alter the default just to boost.

A simple drop down after the temperature slider would be a great addition and make a clunky app much better!


  • Hello Mark3187,

    Any manual control from the app will define the duration (by default is offered with the last used definition).

    The only setting for this in Settings is the one related to the manual commands that are sent from the devices themselves (which is expected is not so required and doesn't have to change often). As it's written in its description, is not related to the manual control from the app.

    Please find here how to control your tado system manually either from the app or the devices themselves:

    Best regards,

    your tadoº team

  • Hi, you can, in the latest app at least. When you set the slider for temperature and press the tick to set it, a horizontal timer bar appears and you can drag the slider to set the time. Dragging to the first dot gives 'until next schedule change' and dragging to the end dot gives 'until changed manually'.

    The latest app is the only one I am familiar with as I am fairly new to Tado.

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