New boiler and EU wireless receiver installed - any software changes required?


Hello all,

I had some advice on there about replacing my boiler and making sure Tado was Open Therm compatible so it can modulate the boiler. The boiler has now been replaced, and an EU wireless receiver has been installed and added to the app in place of the old UK receiver.

I did ask about this on chat but I'm not sure they understood the question, but are there any software changes that need to happen to get everything working as it should? Aside from deleting the old receiver from the app, and adding the new one (and pairing it with the bridge) is there anything that I need to update in the app, or to ask Tado to update on their end to make it recognise that it ought to be modulating the boiler now?

Given that the previous setup was just working on an on/off basis I wanted to be sure that it's working as it should be. On that note, is there any feedback you get in the app about what Tado is asking the boiler to do?