Where is the button for setting "home mode" ?

On the mobile app there is (was?) a button to set "away mode", but I can't find the button to set it back to home mode. It is now pretty cold in my home... How can I manually toggle between the 2 modes?


  • You can't... And no, you can't bother Tado technical support with your dumb system, so they removed the phone numbers. Enjoy you expensive ( non functional) new toy...
  • I read the frustration and understand. This is like giving a key to lock your home but not being able to open it back up. Anyone have at least a "hard reset" or API based solution ?

  • You can turn off the home/away mode in the App, but to be honest I've found it flawless - and I've had it for years

    In the App it's under each time period - Advanced