IOS 15.0.1 Geofencing issues

Is anyone experiencing geofencing issues on IOS 15 and above since myself and my wife upgraded our iPhones we have to open the tado app to get the location update. This always worked well before. Is this a problem tado should address?


  • Hi @MPJ

    I suspect it is an IOS 15 issue......I've noticed a few people are encountering issues with their Tado systems are a recent IOS 15 update.

  • Tried the help in the link. The geofencing used to work with background app refresh but seems not to on iOS 15
  • rafm5
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    @MPJ is your location set up to always on, with your precise location also enabled?
  • Yes always on. I think it may be fixed now as an IOS update to 15.0.2 was installed today and now seems to work fine
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    Hi All,

    I was able to get Geofencing working correctly today and with tado° app not running in the background.

    Anyone with access to iOS developer beta 15.2 beta 3? Can you also test and confirm?

  • Hopefully it will work as at present with 4 people in my household using the app someone always closes and geofencing stops working. Come one on Tado get a grip system gets worse by the day
  • rafm5
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    @MPJ The problem is not with tado° but Apple.

    Apple changed things under the hood of region monitoring in iOS 15 and this mechanism stopped working reliably.

  • My iPhone SE 2020 on ios 15.2 doesn't play well with geofencing. It still shows its at home when I'm away and doesn't show as being home when I return. Only clicking into the app on the iPhone triggers it to work properly. Leaving the app open in the background makes no difference. I've checked and re-checked all settings as per advice and deleted and reinstalled, all to no avail. It works fine on android. As I'm currently using both types of phone that the moment, I'm getting around the ios/tado problem. Shame, as it used to work fine in the past.