How to set Wireless Receiver to combi boiler mode?

I have installed my wireless receiver and it’s working great for central heating, but it’s attached to a combi boiler so the hot water function is not needed/doesn’t exist. The hot water function appears in the Tado app and until I set it to permanently off the hot water relay was on.

Following the consumer/amateur install guide in the app there is no mention of setting to combi mode (unless I missed it), but reading the professional installer guide it says to set the wireless receiver to Y Plan, S Plan or Combi mode.

I tried to follow the instructions, but when I get in to test mode and then try to select combi mode the LED does not change colour and stays at green (I want yellow for combi).

Firstly, do I need to care about this; why is it only mentioned in the professional installer guide?

Secondly, if I do or just want to do this for completeness sake, how can I actually make it change mode?

Thanks for your help.


  • After the green light turns on, release both buttons. Then press the the heat button and then the light Changs to yellow.