Support boilers with no ability for different levels of heating better


My boiler, like many others, does not support different levels of heating - just on or off.

I find it really annoying that my app says 1 flame or “heating to 20.8c” and colours the graph area in when it isn’t actually heating my house.

Additionally this makes the stats on how long the heating has been running during the day useless as it might show 3 hours when in reality the boiler might only have been running for 15 minutes.

Can you just make it so that for boilers like mine it either shows on or off please.

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  • andertl

    @Spateson Hi, how is your thermostat working now please? Did it learn something and does it work better now? I have similar problem as you did. I had the thermostat connected for 2 days and it constantly turned the boiler on and off for just 2-3 minutes. So I disconnected it and put the old thermostat back. Also the boiler time is totally off as you said. The app says it runs several hours but it actually runs much less.

  • Spateson
    I think you’ve misunderstood my issue - the 2-3 minutes thing is completely normal if your room just needs a little heat to get up to temperature. I think it’s how Tado deal with heating that’s only on and off. For example how I’ve seen it work is this, if your room needs low heat for an hour to keep temperature:

    - with a boiler that has variable heat it would be on low constantly for the full hour
    - with a boiler that is only either on or off it might switch it on for 3 minutes every 15 minutes or so for the hour.

    Mine does this all the time in warm rooms. My problem is not that it works this way. My issue is that the app does not seem to know my boiler is of the second type and reports the time the boiler was on as 1 hour rather than 12 minutes as my example above.
  • Jim7463

    Interesting. Different boilers must operate in different ways and either react or not to the requests from the tado controller for heat. My boiler only supports on or off. The app shows that it is currently requesting level 1 low heat input, yet the boiler is on and the time counts. Whatever level of heating is requested, the boiler comes on.