I have a wired thermostat, what do i need to do to turn it wireless

I have a controller that I am going to replace with the extender so that i can control hot water. With my current system I have a wired thermostat that I would like to remove.

I am assuming that I need to bridge across the Live/Switched live. so it ignore my thermostat and uses just the tado thermostat.

Any advice welcomed


  • techlec
    edited June 2019

    The bridging being near the controller end, that way I can remove the thermostat and the feed to the old thermostat at a later date.

  • Germán
    Germán | Admin

    Hello techlec,

    This is possible to do, please consult with your heating engineer and / or, make clear that you are willing to do this change when you are requesting your specific installation instructions from our Installation team.

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