Internet bridge stopped working (be warned)...

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Hello everyone,

Our internet bridge has stopped working! There are no lights on the device despite trying different cables and USB plugs/sockets. This has meant we can't connect to our devices making the whole system useless. Has anyone else had this or had any experience opening one of these up to fix?

I've been in touch with TADO who say the device, bought in 2018 as part of a kit, is out of warranty and I have to buy another one. This is £89.99! I'm very annoyed at this after already spending over £500 on this system. The bridge is fundamental to everything and not like a smart radiator valve or such, which is a nice extra thing to have. It is essentially a WIFI dongle that costs £10 to make (speculating but can't be much more) so there is no need to have it so high. It's not like you can just buy a bridge on its own and get much out of it.

Firstly it shouldn't really go wrong. I do however understand things do go wrong, but least be reasonable about it. I wouldn't mind if there was at least a way for it to be refurbished but that's not an option. Buy or bye. I can afford this but I'm simply not paying out of principal and will sell the system and look to something else. My loss, their loss, everyone's loss.

Sorry for the rant but wanted to let everyone in the community know my experience in case it happens to you. If TADO come to their senses about this then I will happily update with recognition of this.

Thanks, Simon


  • Nobody cares anymore and I agree it’s a disgrace. I think it’s a poor solution and would like to know alternatives.. hive?
  • Hive; I wouldn’t . . .
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    I see more posts where users claim ‘we spent x amount of money’  and are annoyed because something does not work or got faulty.

    Customers use the price of a product as an indication of its quality, assuming that a higher price will mean that the materials and processes used to manufacture the product are superior, maintenance free or free of faults.

    Imagine Robert Knok saying I paid $4.8 Billion for my super yacht and how even something can get wrong for the price I paid?

    I agree it is annoying, but there is nothing you can do about it. Natural perversity of inanimate objects.

    I wouldn’t abandon a product or a just because of one-off-incident. Consider all pros & cons and then decide.