How to complete the Air con non-thermostatic setup


So I opted for non-thermostatic setup and for complete control rather than selecting a command set I chose to "teach tado". This process is extremely lengthy and understandably so with so many commands to teach. After an hour of teaching tado new commands I still wasn't finished. Thankfully I saw the "complete later" button. So I pressed that and the commands I've taught tado have been successful.

I'm now trying to go back and complete the setup but I can't find the option to complete the setup without restarting the whole process again. I also need to re-reach 1 command that isn't working (the 20c cool function didn't record properly)

Can someone point me in the right direction?



  • Germán
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    Hello billywhu,

    We could find you've finished the installation, but just in case: while there's an unfinished installation, when you resume it from the phone app it would bring you back to the step in which you were.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to go back to re record just one command, for that you would need to restart the whole recording.



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    Having recently added a Tado AC myself I do find it disappointing that it is not simply a matter of specifying a make and model and the relevant codes are then downloaded from the Tado server in to the Tado AC.

    This is the approach other similar products use in that the manufacturer maintains a database of IR codes so the customer does not need to train the device.

    It is obviously worth still having a training mode as this allows defining new and unknown devices but the current approach is requiring customers to always re-invent the wheel and do the whole process from scratch. Technology is supposed to save people from doing work - not add to it. 😉

    Certainly the Logitech Harmony a general purpose IR controller does not require this as Logitech have a very large database, and whilst I cannot be 100% certain I get the impression the

    might operate in a similar manner.

  • Germán
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    That's why our latest setup process will either detect the required command set by itself or will just require the four relevant commands (for a thermostatic control).

    We just kept the option to teach the whole command set for those that, like Billywhu, prefer to opt for it -there can be several reasons- or couldn't have another alternative for their systems. A teaching option, as thorough as it is, has also been setting tado apart from other competitors like the ones you mentioned, which lack an alternative whenever the required command set is not available from their database.

  • I can't seem to get to the option to teach the whole command set for non-thermostatic mode. All it offers is the option to teach the 4 basic commands for thermostatic operation
  • That feature would be nice. I'd like to teach my tado all the heatpump commands but as i recall, only four basic commands was available non-thermostatic mode. Maybe i'll try again.
  • Nope, not working. Non-thermostatic mode gives only cooling and heating modes optional for teaching and after setup tado is automatically set to thermostatic mode. Then when i switch it back non-thermostatic, only operation mode available is heating mode. Seems wery buggy.