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How often do you forget to close a window?

It happens constantly to me that I open a window and totally forget about it. Tado of course detects the open window and pauses heating for 15 minutes. But after the timer expires, Tado resumes heating despite the window still being open.

Therefore, I would suggest to add a reminder notification to the app, which pops up as soon as the open window timer expires. I'm sure this would save a lot of energy - in my apartment at least. :)

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  • rafm5
    rafm5 Volunteer Moderator

    @Domderon If you really want to have a proper open window detection look somewhere else. Tado° is just a toy, since open window is just a software feature. Get few sensors, build a proper home automation :-)

  • mean1979
    This seems like such a weird omission to me. This and the ability to extend the open window timer beyond the max time of one hour would be amazing (ps 15 mins is the minimum setting and you can adjust it in the settings)
  • DrMG
    Agreed. A reminder would be helpful. Alternatively, or perhaps in addition- the ability to turn off the automatic reset would help me. Sometimes I want the window open longer than 15min and would prefer to turn the heat back on manually.
  • Sebast92
    edited October 2023
    + 1 ask: Remind me to close the windows Notification (with Auto-Assist)
    Without adding any other hardware, sensors, etc… just remind me to close the windows before resuming the heating 🤗