Electric under floor heating


I’m looking to install under floor heating in a summer house and can’t work out if I need a smart thermostat, extension kit or both to be able to control it.

I’m not an electrician, but i’m guessing I would have mains live and neutral coming from a circuit breaker box, which would need to go into the Tado and then out of that a live and neutral to the heating mats.

I’ve looked at wiring diagrams for both the thermostat and the extension kit, but can’t work it out. Obviously i’d get a qualified electrician to install it all, but I want to make sure I buy the right kit first.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


  • Germán
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    Hello Phillip,

    The Smart Thermostat can control an electric underfloor heating as a wired thermostat. There's only the limitation of the power it can switch (6A) and that it wouldn't be compatible with any kind of external sensor (eg. underfloor probe). You can have one Smart Thermostat to control each one of the zones independently.

    One Extension Kit wouldn't help you here, unless you need for one of these thermostats to be wireless (in this case, just one of the zones could be wireless).

    Your electrician can consult how to install them in our installer guides:



  • Thanks for the help.