Heating Activity - Total Heating Time is wrong

johnbur ✭✭✭

If a room that is not assigned to a zone controller is the only room 'on', then Care & Protect counts this as Heating Activity even though the boiler is off.

This is incorrect, and means the Heating Activity is inaccurate if there are any independent rooms set up.

Please change Heating Activity to only include time when the boiler is running.

The graphs for these rooms are wrong as well - needs more granularity:

  1. Calling for heat, boiler running
  2. Calling for heat, boiler off
  3. Not calling for heat

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  • Have noticed this too — I have one room that is specifically not a part of a heating zone because I want to cap the temperature, not maintain it. The heating activity shows the room as if it is demanding heating for hours of the day, which horribly skews the numbers.