Add hot water boost - instead of manual control under hot water settings


In order to boost the hot water for a time period (eg 1 hour) you have to go into Rooms & devices, settings, hot water and then finally access the manual control.

It would be a lot easier and more user-friendly and intuitive if there was a simple boost button under Hot water icon.

In case anyone is following all the replies below, I've kept my original request below as I've been pointed to this feature under setting

Original request-

It would be a good idea if it was possible to boost button for the hot water, where it would turn it on for a fixed time (eg 30 or 60 minutes) and then automatically turn it off again.

Currently, you would have to manually turn the hot water on, and then hopefully remember to turn it off again. If you forget it will be on until the next off period wasting lots of energy. 😔

This is a feature is currently used on the Hive system and every time you press the hot water boost button it adds another 30 minutes

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  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    @Kds51h perhaps I'm missing something in what you're asking, but I believe you can already do what you want.

    To enforce a fixed "boost" period when manually turning on the hot water from one of your other tado devices:

    Go to Settings - Rooms and Devices - Hot Water, then change manual control on device setting to 30 mins or 1 hour.

    Directly on the Hot Water tile in the app:

    When you switch it on, click the little pencil icon to change it to a fixed duration. It should remember this for future when you switch on manually in the app next time.
  • Kds51h

    @cbd20 WOW! Thanks for that.

    Yes your right, but it's no surprise I never found it under settings.

    It would be much better if it was in the home section under Hot water icon rather than under settings, hopefully as the feature already exists it should be fairly easy to make it more user friendly.

    If I still within the edit time window, I'll edit the suggestion more inline with user interface.

    Thanks again

  • Sysadmin

    Can't be that hard to add a easy Hot Water Boost Button (TM)

  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2021
    Hi @Kds51h i still don't think what you've written is quite true...

    You only have to access that option in settings ONCE. That sets what happens when you boost the hot water on one of your tado devices. You don't need to do that every time.

    Similarly, in the app. When you turn the hot water on manually via the hot water screen, if you click the pencil icon and change that to the fixed time you want, the app should remember it. So next time, you'd simply need to turn it on.
  • Kds51h
    Thank you @cbd20, I fully understand now and it does exactly what I need.
  • KevinL
    Hi, I have read your feedback and I have found the setting that says boost for 1 hour and my tado used to do this but now it is ticked for 1 hour boost however it is only, constantly on. Constantly off or back to schedule ? Is anyone else having this issue or can a tado agent look into this for me as it used to be great and did exactly what I needed it to. But now it’s becoming a bit of a pain :(.

    Any help greatly appreciated

    Best regards

  • Wayne67
    Sorry, I don't have tado at the moment as I'm comparing it vs hive. Did this hot water boost "tile" get added?