Please consider Tado app return to 0.1° granularity

I find the app manual temperature now of 0.5c increments to course.

please consider returning the 0.1c old variation which was much better if for nothing else for saving gas and the planet if nothing else.

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  • I second this. 0.5 is crazy - it should be 0.1 - it certainly makes a huge difference to me.

  • rafm5
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    As per Rob's explanation:

    The tado° wall thermostat uses a granularity of:

    • 1.0 degrees in manual control on the device itself
    • 0.5 degrees in manual control in the app.
    • 0.1 degrees in the Smart Schedule. This is only true for our wall thermostats, the radiator thermostats also use a 0.5 degree granularity in the schedule.

    My understanding is also that to increase an overall system performance and reduce parts usage tado° will take action only it the temperature goes up or down by 0.5 degrees.

    If a boiler has to react to 0.1 degrees change and fire every time, even for such a small change the 'planed saving' claim can't be valid.

    The current Tado° system is a compromise between accuracy and performance, hence not everyone will be pleased about it.

  • Brinzlee
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    @rafm5 Not sure what techno blah blah blah bable you are using.....All I know is it worked perfectly well before when its granularity was 0.1 degrees and any boiler with a set point that has to heat in 0.5 increments over 0.1 degree increments is going to use more gas.....How can a microprocessor need lets parts to decrease this function. It's purely software, firmware driven. If I need a room heated to 21.6 and it now has to heat to 22 because of the rounding its going to use more energy.......Simple rule of fact !! GLOBAL WARMING. You don't agree with global warming and the findings at COP26 !!

    I know I can set it in the the granularity is still there....I just need that restored to the manual control...Please don't dictate what we can and can't have. And more to the point take away good functionality that we used to have.

  • Hi @Brinzlee

    When your/our Tado system had the 0.1°C granularity for the Smart Thermostats......can I ask you if you actually saw your boiler fire up (or increased output) when you increased your thermostat by 0.1° it possible, that you " assumed" that your boiler reacted to your 0.1°C increase...........because as @rafm5 has stated, some Community Forum members have been informed that the Tado system will only " react" to a change of 0.5°C.

    It is my belief that when we set a temperature of (for example) 20.6°C ......our system rounds this temperature to 21°C and this happens in reverse also.......when we set a temperature of (for example) 20.4°C.......our system rounds down to 20°C This then fits in with @rafm5's comments about Tado only reacting to a 0.5°C change.

    I understand your comment regarding this causing more energy usage.......however, this appears to be the route that Tado has chosen......I'm not saying that I agree with the way Tado uses it's own hardware (and our boilers) but that is the current situation.

  • Yes mine used to fire the boiler on a 0.1 degree variation. It is counter intuitive what they have done now. And more importantly uses more energy as I mentioned before. All retrograde steps for a company seeking energy efficiency in a carbon dioxide rich world....I wouldn't think that would look good in there sales- promotional literature

  • rafm5
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    Thanks @GrayDav4276

    Ideally the whole 'up / down rounding' process should be clarified by tado° to avoid further miscommunication.

    @Brinzlee The change is indeed just a software and is forced by tado° I was unable to get a clear answer why it has been implemented. To me simplifying settings between devices and operating systems is a step forward, but moving into 0.5 degrees granularity does not resolve anything as 1.0 and 0.1 are also present.

  • Brinzlee
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    @rafm5 I absolutely concur.....I was under the impression you were an employee of Tado as you seemed to advocate the change. I think @tado do need to comment on why there are so many settings across their various devices, 0.1, 0.5 and 1.0. The more granularity the better. If this was something they could not achieve on other devices they need to either fix this with a hardware or firmware update at a later interval...rather than bring all other devices to the lowest level of granularity to cover this up. Do they actually monitor this forum...?

    At the end of the day this is just the iOS App that needs to be adjusted. I am sure the backend at Tado headquarters is only responding to what the app is sending it. So maybe there is decension with the app programmers !!

  • rafm5
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    @Brinzlee I've heard it before :-)

    The change IMHO is needed, so I partially agree with tado° What I disagree is the existing implementation. I don't see much logic behind it. The problem is that as customer I have no access to certain data and knowledge, so unless there is an official feedback from tado° explaining 'why' I can't really judge them. They are a well-known and established company, so my understanding is that changes like this should be tested and then signed off before implementing into production.


  • I still don't understand the logic and why you would agree....Its like having an accelerator in a car being able to achieve 100mph but only able to do 20mph increments. I want to do 50mph because I can. Why dictate this to me.

    I think as previously mentioned if anything having the extra granularity saves fuel...That has to be the primary objective over anything else in this delicate time.

    I can see no other reason not too.....unless somebody from Tado explains it to me technically

    And for the ney sayers......a selective switch in settings for 0.1, 0.5 or 1.0 settings if 1.0 dregree settings are what floats your boat. Everybody's a winner