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I'm kind of annoyed that I even need to post this here so apologies for the tone but I've repeatedly asked by customer support to do it even though I think what I describe below as a bug or at the very least, a highly flawed design. I do not think such issues should be dealt with via an 'ideas and suggestions' category in the forums so that everyone can join in the discussion.

Anyway, there are two connected issues here:

1 - When a Tado disconnects temporarily over a period of time when a schedule change is due to occur, when it reconnects it does nothing, even for an extended period after reconnecting. This is the opposite of a smart thermostat. It is dumber than the dumbest thermostats out there. To me this is 100% a bug that needs fixing.

2 - When a Tado is disconnected from the bridge, it should continue to follow its schedule. I get that it might not be able to do some of the smart stuff around adjusting the schedule based on outside conditions, but it should revert to simply treating the schedule as a dumb thermostat would. As in, if we have the temperature set to 22c at 7am and it is disconnected, it should at the very least remember that schedule and start heating at 7am to reach 22c at some point later.

I really cannot believe I'm having to waste so much time communicating these basics over and over again to Tado and now here on the forum. But here we are.

I suppose there's a 3rd suggestion:

Make customer support better at proactively addressing issues that are flaws / bugs in the system rather than insisting they are feature requests. It's highly provocative and incredibly poor CS and indicates a fairly poorly run organisation. Not filling me with confidence at all.

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  • Pete
    Pete ✭✭✭
    @robinlmp these issues really stem from poor communications between the bridge and room stats.
    Post and vote up the repeater /extender requirement as this would solve the issues you describe for 1000s of us.
  • Herbert1
    I completely agree with you! Scale up the capacity in the organisation to build the important issues now for 3 years on the customer roadmap!