Temperature labels

I think it would be useful to have an intermediary step in setting the schedules, one whereby I can create a handful of labelled temperatures and then assign them, or use manual temperatures, to blocks of time in the schedule.

For instance, I create ‘in-use’ ‘unused’ ‘walk through’ and ‘bathrooms’ labels in temperature labels. Then in the schedule I can set when a room should use a particular label, office is ‘in-use’ during working hours, bedrooms are ‘in-use’ until 9:30am and then again in the evenings, kitchen is ‘walk-through’ most of the evening, etc.

If I want to adjust the temperature label by a single degree warmer, then every room using that label at times specified would have the adjustment made by having a labelled temperature as opposed to a manual temperature. Thus saving many schedule adjustments.
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