Location of Tado thermostat

I have a three storey town house. The thermostat is hard-wired in the living room on the first floor. There are 4 radiators on that floor. The ground floor has two radiators (hall and kitchen) and is very cold. Would I be better relocating the thermostat to the hall and fitting tado radiator valves on the first floor? Should I hard-wire it? For information there is an extension kit in the kitchen to control hot water. Any guidance on best set-up much appreciated.


  • Herres
    Herres ✭✭✭
    When using Tado valves you need valves on (almost) every radiator. The location of the thermostat does not matter because each room will be able to control its own temperature.
  • cortana
    cortana ✭✭✭

    In addition to the thermostats on the radiator, I can recommend installing a wireless temperature sensor in every room. As far away as possible from the thermostats on the radiator.

    This will give you the best possible room temperature measurement.

  • Hi @cortana
    While I agree with your observation.....if you have a large(ish) property (I have 9 Tado Rooms) that's a massive additional cost to your Tado system. £££s
  • cortana
    cortana ✭✭✭

    Hi @GrayDav4276, 🤗

    Yes I understand what you mean. I also have 6 rooms in our house. In two of the rooms I only have one radiator thermostat because these two are very small.

    It is indeed a significant amount of money. However, I do know myself. I only buy half of it only to find out later that I need everything 😁

    Maybe you will be lucky on Black Friday and get the necessary equipment very cheaply.