Connecting Alpha Eco2 Plus boiler with tado


Hello, I just bought tado starter kit. I want to connect to my Alpha Eco2 Plus boiler (Eco2 Plus instructions and user 04-15.pdf ( which has a Easy Stat Inst 7 RF Receiver (Easy Stat Inst 7 2000050 (2) (

Here are some pics of my boiler.

My boiler has numbering from 1 to 40-something with N, L, Earth, A and B labels. However when viewing instructions to setup the tado wireless receiver and selecing Alpha Eco2 Plus, it does not show the numbers and instead shows that the wiring needs to be connected to N, L, CH COM and CH NO. But there is no CH COM and CH NO in my boiler as they are numbers. Can I get some help regarding this please?

Secondly, when I setup tado, should I remove this round Alpha receiver from the boiler or is it ok to leave it as is?


  • Hi, did you get an answer for this? Thanks.
  • AlexR
    Did anyone find an answer to this?
    I'm trying the same installation.
  • johnnyp78
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    Look at the manual p7. Connect N and L as normal then NO and COM on the wireless receiver to 1 and 2 on the boiler. If there’s a timer on the boiler set it to always on.

    If you’re not sure, check with a professional.