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I love the Tado temperature/humidity graphs. However, the ability to only see the data on a day by day basis is restricting. The ability to download your data for use in a spreadsheet (in the same way that Fitbit does with its far more complicated data set) would be extremely useful.

For example, it would be possible to calculate the U value of your room given the outside temperature and inside temperature

You could optimise energy usage and comfort by understanding exactly how long each room takes to heat up/cool.

There are likely to be plenty of more uses that users come up with given access to their own data

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  • andrewk

    This would be extremely useful. For example, I have a holiday home and the insurance company requires me to ensure that the heating is kept to a certain temperature over winter to prevent pipes freezing. To be able to download the data to show what the temperature has been over any given time period would be extremely useful.