Regulation improvement

The target temperature given to the boiler is rounded because of boiler limitation. In some situations, the the room never reach the target temperature because the regulation compensate in the wrong direction.
For example, if I set 20,4°C on the thermostat, the target on the boiler is rounded to 20°C. Thus, if the room temperature is 20,2°C, the boiler thinks that the water is too hot and reduce the temperature. The TRV will be fully open and the room will never reach the expected temperature .
My proposal is to add the rounded part of the target temp to the room temp reported to the boiler. 20,4-20=0,4 => 20,2-0,4=18,8°C.
The opposite situation happens if I set 20,5°C on the thermostat. The target on the boiler becomes 21°C. Even if the room temperature is 20,6°C, the boiler thinks that the water is too cold and increase the temperature !
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