Alternative Schedule (for working from home as an example)


I've been using Tado successfully for several years, across houses and love it. I've got a 2 Thermostats, 9 TRVs and an extension unit for my hot water cylinder.

Obviously I have a long embedded schedule setup and working well for my current house. I've recently updated it with the second Thermostat powering an external office underfloor heating system as I'm working from home a fair bit these days.

Now my problem is that I never work at home on the same days of the week all of the time and when I do work at home I am out in the external garden office for most of the day and no-one is in the main house, so that means that Tado detects I am home and heats the entire house!

What I need is some way of being able to activate an alternative schedule, either manually or on a time+presence basis so that I can tell Tado to only heat my office and not the house (until the schedule ends or I manually flip it back).

The office isn't sufficiently far enough away from my house for Tado to know I've left the house so GPS won't work here. I'm guessing a manual flip of the process in the app would work.

You might think, well just set the existing schedule to deal with heating just the office and not the other rooms on those days but I can't as I don't know what days I'll be away or at home and additionally my other half also can be home or away on some days.

I think someone also mentioned once about the presence detection detecting if certain members were at home on specific days then that could trigger an alternative schedule. Something along those lines may work and would be a great addition but I'm not sure it would completely solve my problem as I may or may not be working on some of the days I am home!

Hope that makes sense and other think it could be a good idea. At the very least some kind of alternative schedule make sense for many other situations.

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  • Me2uall
    Great idea. My regular weekday schedule starts heating my study when I am asleep so that it is warm in time for working from home. But, since February, I go into an office 2-3 changeable days per week. I’d like to be able to pick between a ‘working from home’, or ‘going into the office’ (default) schedule for my study the night before, so that whilst asleep the system only pre-heats my study on the days I will use it.