Logic Combi ESP1 35 Boiler wiring for Wired Thermostat

Hi everyone! Good morning!

I wired my tado thermostat to my wired heating system at home (Logic Combi ESP1 35 with Dual Heating Zones - 1 x front room thermostat and 1 x master’s bedroom) but it still isn’t letting me control the heating unfortunately. The current (not working) wiring / settings are:

Old thermostat Wiring (ESI ESRTP6C):

I wired the tado Thermostat as below:

RH = Live

+V = NO

0V = Parked it in P2

tado Thermostat Setup (held button for 3 seconds x 3 separate times):



HW = check

Ek = x

can someone please help to answer, ultimately:

  • why isn’t it controlling the heater/boiler?
  • Did I wire it incorrectly?
  • Did I choose the right tado setup for my system?

thank you everyone in advance!


  • I am thoroughly surprised that no one else here has a similar boiler/thermostat. I have to return my tado as I am unsuccessful in installing it.
  • rafm5
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    Was tado° team unhelpful?

  • Hi rafm5,

    I wouldn’t say they were unhelpful, but, I couldn’t get the help I needed to install my devices, after spending £400 on the gear, I was expecting a but more support. I didn’t get any response from tado moderators here either unfortunately.
  • GrilledCheese2
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    @vinz420 the configuration you used would not have worked. The picture shows the wires connected to the relay control terminals, but the configuration is for Open Therm which uses the terminals on the right. You need to change D01 to R01.

    Just to add. I can’t comment on the validity of your wiring - make sure you’re not switching 240V when your boiler is setup for low voltage.