Do not report a room when it's not assigned to a Zone Controller


Hi team,

I've defined a room with a smart TRV which I want to only open and close the valve but does not actually call for heating so I assigned the 'Zone Controller' to 'Not Assigned'. This works perfectly but the problem is this is reported in heating activity and Care & Protect which is actually wrong, since the room is not asking for heat, please see below attachment, room is reported to using 100% heating where the boiler could actually be off.

I'd appreciate if this is fixed as it gives false readings on how much heating was actually used.

Many thanks

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  • GrayDav4276
    Hi @samak
    This has been brought to the attention of Tado via this Community Forum by quite a few people......myself included.
    I have no idea where this sits in the Tado "To do" list tbh
    But you are absolutely correct that by reporting these "INDEPENDENT" devices makes all of the HEATING ACTIVITY figures worthless.
  • samak

    Thanks @GrayDav4276, didn't know it was already reported but good to know I'm not the only one using this feature!