Is this all normal?

My Tado seems to me a bit off.

First of, when the temperature goes down below the temperature I want and that is set in the current time block of the schedule the thermostat takes ages to trigger the boiler, sometimes it goes .3 or .4 degrees below before triggering.

Second, when the boiler is triggered it never runs in a constant and permanent way, it runs for a few minutes then it stops, after 10 minutes or so it starts again but it doesn't last (again) more than a few minutes.

And more, sometimes the room temperature passes the temperature set up in the thermostat by .6 or .7 degrees before the command to the boiler to stop running is sent.

Also the thermostat temperature offset had to be set to .4 degrees which frankly seems to me a bit too far off: I have multiple other thermometers and they all are consistently similar with regards to the temperature perceived, only the Tado thermostat is the one off

I'm not using the Early Start functionality.

Does it sounds like I should get in touch with technical support?



  • Yes...... I think that you should contact Tado Support
  • johnbur
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    This is what I got back from Support when I asked a similar question:

    The tado° Smart Thermostat is a PID controlled thermostat. This means that tado° not only looks at the current temperature but also at the overall temperature trend.

    In other words, it will turn the heating on until the room temperature increases just above the set-point. Then the heating will remain off until the temperature starts to drop.

    In doing this, tado° can prevent your heating from switching on and off too frequently and thereby protect the boiler from excessive wear and tear. It is also much more efficient in terms of energy usage.

    It can also happen that, when tado° notices the temperature is dropping very quickly, it will start to heat in order to prevent the temperature from dropping too far below the set-point, even though the current temperature is above the set-point.
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    @FleaLes if your system is new then give it a bit of time to learn the heating/cooling characteristics of your home. Differing levels of insulation and exposure to solar energy affect how the system works in each home. If it’s an established system then I wouldn’t expect to see too much undershoot on the set point (less than 0.2°), but some overshoot seems to be normal.