second Temperature Sensor in same room

For large rooms TRVs don’t work well. If you could assign a second temperature sensor to the same room the localised effect of the TRV sensor could be counteracted and compensated for.
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  • Bertskiii
    You can already do this. Probably the cheapest way is to use a second TRV, but not connect it to a radiator. I have done exactly this in one of my rooms - with the unconnected TRV in a completely different part of the room (just sitting on a shelf) - and it solved the problem really well. The rad now stays on until the room is properly heated, rather than going on and off repeatedly when the air near the rad has warmed up.
  • phillb

    Thanks. I didn't realise that it linked rooms in the back ground. It seems a bit of a waste and expense to buy a rad valve for this purpose How does it cope with them both set at differing temperatures or does it manage this in the back ground? I'm intrigued. A cheaper "smart thermostat" would I think be more elegant but as you say they are more expensive than the rad valve

  • hugbilly

    Yes, I presume they were returned by customers, however I have bought several of the refurbished TRVs and they arrive good as new and work as effectively as the new ones I had bought previously . . .