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Can we please include the "boost heating" command in future Alexa integration updates?

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  • GrayDav4276
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    Hi @HampshireBaz

    In your Alexa App, there is something called "scenes" this has a "manual change" and also a "boost " scene for all your Tado devices ( Alexa calls them thermostat"

    I have found that the "very best" way to work with Alexa is to create a number of different Alexa "routines" for any/all your Tado devices. Then by using Alexa voice commands you can do virtually anything you want to.

    For example

    1. "Alexa set Living Room to 21 degrees"

    2. "Alexa Bathroom off"

    3. "Alexa heating off" or "Alexa heating on"

    4. "Alexa Boost heating" ........predetermined temperature increase in the Alexa routine (for example increase by 2 °C)

    Any of the voice command instructions will revert back to your current schedules after the "timescale" that you have set in the Tado App "Rooms & Devices" section.......I have my time set to 45 mins as I find that this is a suitable time for an alteration to have the desired effect.

    I personally find that using Alexa in this way is infinitely better than interacting directly with Tado or manually on the devices. Alexa makes Tado much much better imho.