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Smart AC V3+: Thermostatic vs Non-Thermostatic


I've just purchased and setup a Smart AC V3+. Given the options between configuring it in Thermostatic vs Non-Thermostatic mode, what are the pros/cons?

I've tried both, and the Thermostatic appears to be a lot more limited to only heat and cool and specified temperature, where-as Non-thermostatic gives me additional modes and fan speeds.

Seems like Non-Thermostatic is the more full-featured option, but am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi JRE,

    This article explains the difference: [How does the Smart AC Control control my air conditioner?](https://support.tado.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115003845863-How-does-the-Smart-AC-Control-control-my-air-conditioner-)

    It basically boils down to whether the AC is in a good position to measure the room temperature (then you could just use non-thermostatic control) or would you rather use the Smart AC Control to more accurately measure the room temperature (thermostatic control).



  • Thanks. I ended up sticking with non-thermostatic control since it allows for more air conditioning options on my unit.

    Basically, I'm using the Smart AC as a "better" remote control for my unit. It's not yet much "smarter". Would definitely benefit from having the ability to set the target temperature in auto mode.

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