Add top and bottom holes to the wall plate of the smart thermostat

I have seen that some wall boxes are rotated by 90 degrees, leaving the screws that hold the wall plate on the top and bottom, instead of right and left.

To fix this I had to drill two holes in the wall plate of the smart thermostat to be able to screw it to the wall box.

Improvements suggested:

1. Add top and bottom slots where the screw can put through to hold the plate.

2. If tado doesn't want to have a couple of holes for aesthetic reasons, that are visible only when the thermostat is removed to change the batteries:

2.a. add a semicut slot that can be exposed by gently pressing in the plastic.

2.b add a mark on the plastic where it can be drilled if needed to make a hole.

3. If none of the above are still valid, add a wider hole on the side slots, or side holes, so that the current wall box screws can be used without unscrewing them completely (as this will make the latches inside to fall).

4. Allow to rotate the display 90 degrees. But then the tado logo may need to disappear to make the aesthetics consistent in different rooms.

I wish i could add a picture to explain it better, but i hope the words were enough.
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