one time heating for short time

Hi, I have idea if is it possible to add in your app one time heating time. For example if I have heating plan in smart schedule, but something change in one day and I know it need heating 3 hours early, but I don't want to change the plan.
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  • alvoryx
    edited December 2021

    Definitely ! I thought about that as well.

    To put it straight, in the room view, adding some kind of "+15min heat" button

    You hit the button once , the eating starts for 15min and automatically resumes to the normal schedule after 15min. You hit it twice, you get 30min, and so on.

  • Basically needs the 'boost heating to all rooms' button to have a time and temperature variable?

  • GrayDav4276
    If you have can set up an Alexa Routine to do this..... for any /all Tado Rooms......for as long as you like.
    It works in conjunction with the Tado device "Manual Change Time" setting.
    It's really easy to set up and use..... I use it on a regular basis.
    If I'm feeling chilly...... "Alexa.... Boost Living Room" or..... "Alexa.... Set Living Room to 22"
    Job done.......