Wasting battery power

Why do the valves work totally independently of the main start and stop process?

What I mean is, why when the pump is about to stop do the valves close? They then may need to reopen again when the pump starts.

If the valve was left open it would be ready when the pump restarts. If that valve doesn't need to be open it can close at that point instead.

I get many of the valves opening and closing virtually in time to the pump, it's a waste of battery
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  • cyteh84

    Actually this is a good optimisation.

    I think each Zone controller must know a list of SRT assigned to it. So if a SRT is asking for heat (to open) then the Zone controller can now open the SRT valve (if it's not currently open else it won't do anything) and ask all other SRT valves to close (I think we can do a delay here so we don't close the valve then 1-2 seconds later the other SRT ask for heat then we have to open again)

    I think this should save battery, reduce the noise of the valve opening and closing. This should be easy to do it from the software side.