Terrible Customer Support


  • Complaints should go to this forum
  • That may be so......but you only need to post it in one section.....not in 4 or 5 as you have done.....not very helpful tbh
  • My experience has not been like this. I've always found tado support to respond with hours, even over a weekend.

    However, the quality of the responses isn't always great- it's a mixed bag. From repeated "script" responses (poor) to some of the team that really dig in and try to help out.

  • My bad, I should have written “Complaints should not go to this forum”

  • Rob2
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    In general we can say: NEVER use the reporting function on this forum! It does not work. It does not create a private message to the moderator, it creates another topic that quotes the offending article. Useless for everybody.

  • If you like chain emails, sending back and forward dozens and dozens of emails trying to sort out a problem you will absolutely love tado
  • @Summer Or you use the chat function, most of the time correct answer within a day (Netherlands)
  • @Andreplusplus or 2 days if you are in the UK, then they will ask you something about your problem, then you reply to their question, then they will reply back and that will take you yo day 4 and don't forget it is winter and for all this time your heating does not work.

    A problem with a regular old fashion heating system can be sorted by any qualified technicians in the same day you discovered the problem.
    Tado problems can only be sorted by tado. Almost none of the heating technicians will service Tado. Your hands are tied to tado and their technical support.

    Is there official Tado heating technicians that support tado in the UK?
  • I’ve found them very responsive, in a few hours, but you do get passed around multiple people who don’t or can’t share information so it takes quite a bit of back and forward to get to where you need to be. Very positive experience though.