"Boiler-on" indicator on Home Screen

It would be helpful to have an easy way to tell if the boiler is being called upon or not - as it can affect radiators that do not behave independently and also help in understanding the general picture when it comes to fuel consumption. Currently, the only way to do this is to review each and every tile to see if any of the rads are calling for heat (or to physically check the boiler itself).

Even better if there was also a chart showing boiler status over time.

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  • Yes, agreed, I also asked for something similar previously, it's a good idea . . .

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    @Bertskiii Checking the tiles can be misleading. There are occasions that the app will indicate 'heating to xxx' but with no boiler operating at all.

  • @rafm5 I agree. Whichever way you look at it, checking the tiles is not a good enough solution.
  • Care and Protect can show which rooms are calling for heat at any one moment and also a balance of heating requests over the course of each day.

    But, how would Tado be able to tell whether the boiler was actually fired up and heating, overrunning the pump after a burn or completely shut down in anti-cycling mode?

    As for boiler status over time, I have a Bluetooth logging thermometer attached to the return pipe at the boiler. I can see the exact heating cycles over time and check that the boiler remains in condensing mode.

    Unfortunately, detail is lost from the graph as you zoom out to see more of the day, but I log temperatures at 1 minute intervals and can see each measurement plotted (can also export to csv) if I zoom in fully. Here's a sample at middling zoom level.

  • I like this idea. I should trust tado more, but it's reassuring to see the "hot water" on when it's supposed to be, and similar for the boiler would help.

    Different people have different needs, perhaps increased customization allowing users to toggle the information/data they want to see ....

  • @eezytiger Thanks for your considered post. In response to your question: Tado would not be able to tell if the boiler was actually on, but it could tell if Tado was calling for heat at any given point. That would do me just fine.

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    @Bertskiii but doesn't tado° have this option already?

    • indicate 'heating to xxx' (live update)
    • historical temp graph (live + historical data)
  • I think @rafm5 that a TRV can be "heating to xxx" but the boiler not physically on.

    I've noticed this with my system where I assume the hot water is being pushed through the radiators but boiler isn't currently heating the water.

  • the data is already in the system - it is just the state of the tado controlled relay connected to the boiler (either in a wired thermostat or extension kit), so just make that status available to us?

  • That will be good if Tado share the bus information on app/web interface (incoming/outgoing temp, flame state, etc...) this datas is all avaliable if you use BUS connection (OpenTherm, E-bus, etc...)

    The funny thing is, thatTado Engineers see this data, but not show it to the user

  • @eezytiger which thermometer do you have connected to the pipes? I would be really interested.
  • @Ale500

    I have a pair of these attached to flow and return (plus a third monitoring ambient by the boiler)....

    they are quick to respond to temperature changes, but no logging over time. They are secured to the pipes with Jubilee clips, wrapped in foil to help transfer treat and then insulated with pipe lagging.

    Since installing those I added this logging thermometer with external probe. I have it recording temps once per minute. The display only updates when a reading is taken, so it tends to lag behind the real time displays a little.

  • Thanks for the detailed explanation. I am really tempted to follow your example!
  • Agree with comments above:
    1/ request is about energy consumption, ie when is the boiler fired up ( flame on, heating water) - if the data is collected already then please add a flame icon on home page and a section in energy report.
    2/ if possible highlight heat hint vs HW demand.
    3/ this could also serve to indicate energy harvesting by the zones when the radiators are being fed hot water (to top up the temperature) but the boiler is a) pushing water around or b) fired up because of demand from another zone (and the valves decides to benefit).

  • This is the main thing I would like to see, along with historical boiler call data. I'd like to see exactly how often and how long my boiler fired during the day.