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It could be common that families have more than one home (a main one and the second by the sea or in the mountains) then they need to create more than one account to manage different homes thermostats. I can understand, but not completely, your choice to separate account for each home but you have to facilitate the users to manage their homes in a easier way.

For example to implement the app with a "switching" functionality then the users with multiple plants and accounts can switch in to them without log-out and log-in again inserting every time the credentials that can annoying and frustrate the home management.

This suggestion because I accidentally accepted an invitation from my mother's account to manage her thermostat and this. caused the removal of my home from my account and I was needed to contact your support to join back it. I thought that accepting an invitation sent to another e-mail address (not the used for my home) will create another sub-account and not substituting completely the home on the signed-in account. Please, give more warning to users on this.

Another suggestion: it could be useful in the HomeKit functionality provide another command ability with not only on-off and temperature adjustment but even on switching between Manual and Scheduled operation.

I hope this suggestion and contribution can be helpful for a better App user experience.

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  • Awabar
    Tado are not listening to those who have this issue - very poor
  • And yet people keep writing them messages.

  • Awabar
    There must be a way of bringing this to a head
  • Not on here. It’s just a user forum and no signs of life from Tado.