Add WiFi support to Extension kit to get rid of bridge

Seems a logical option for those folk who have a full Tado installation with HW control.

Add WiFi support into the Extension kit since it's mains powered. This would remove the need for (and failure risk of) a separate bridge

This would almost certainly need to also include an upgrade to mesh capability as many extension kits will be located at the periphery of properties i.e. utility rooms, kitchens

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  • Will this not simply replace 1 current issue with another....?? 🤔
  • rafm5
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    edited December 2021

    @GrayDav4276 Can you pop in for a moment? My devices are constantly out of power for some reason? :-D

  • I never understood why they went for the bridge solution, also it is a fragile item that is not attached to properly to anything, just usb connected, it isn't fix, so it is moving and bashing around. Quite expensive for something that does a very simple job.
  • rafm5
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    @Summer tado° network similar to Zigbee protocol (for example) require a central hub to operate. There are pros and cons of this design, but for devices like sensors, thermostats etc. where low power consumption is a must these are extremely efficient systems.