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Fireplace detection

During winter season I regularly use my fireplace, the increasing temperature will soon enough shut off my ac unit (heating). So far so good. I usually set he ac unit in fan mode to help distribute the heat. I’ve tried to automate this without much success. I see no support for this in the Tado app. Since HomeKit does not support Fan mode (only heat/cold/off) I can’t use the the home app to change mode at a given temperature.

A function similar to the open window detection would be very helpful.
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  • Of course, that is an option… the reason I have the tado “Smart AC control” is to simply replace the remote. To make it smart though, I’d like to make automations. E.g. switch mode to fan if room temp > x, switch mode to heat if room temp < y. Today I set it manually to fan mode but have to remember to switch back before it gets cold…